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High Intensity Training With GM-Fitness

What Is High Intensity Interval Training, and how often should we do it?


High intensity interval training is also known as HIIT Can also be called High Intensity intermittent training known as (HIIE)

This type of training is interval based, which means it is cardiovascular exercise, alternating with short sharp periods of exercise and a short recovery period.


A HIIT session can vary from 10 to 45 minutes in duration an example of this type of training could be 30 Seconds of Jump squats followed by 30 seconds of slow squats followed by a 30 second recovery, typically completing 4-6 Rounds in one circuit.


The amount of time that you exercise for will vary depending on the types of exercises that have been set.

Basically, what we are after is high intensity intervals that involve short periods of vigorous exercise that elevates your heart rate (Expect to feel uncomfortable for a short period of time)


High Intensity training provides many benefits in a shorter amount of time- It also provides many health benefits.


Burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time.

Improve Oxygen consumption

Reduce High Blood pressure

Burn Fat

Reduce blood sugar

Gain Muscle

Improve Posture

Speed up your Metabolic rate


Adults aged from 16-60+ Should do at least 150 minutes a week of moderate intensity activity throughout their week, Or at least 75 Minutes of high intensity training per week.


There is a well known anti ageing enzyme  known as TELOMERASE which is activated through exercise, one single workout can activate TELOMERASE in cells.

Anti Ageing HIIT benefits could include

Increased energy

Boosted metabolic rate

Improved Libido

Improvement in muscle

Reduced body fat

Firmer skin


High Intensity Training can also help balance hormones for weight gain and unhealthy eating habits.

GHRELIN- This hormone is responsible for long term weight gain and the short term eating habits known as the munchies. This hormone is produced in the stomach and it is believed to be the only hormone that can stimulate appetite.

= It is released in response to stressful situations, which explains why people eat when they are under stress.

= The stress cycle contributes to weight gain, by exercising we help reduce stress)

LEPTIN- This is known as the starvation hormone, why? Because it gives you the sense of feeling full, by telling your brain that you have eaten enough food, Leptin is a key component to maintaining that your energy levels are sufficient.

= High intensity training can control both hormones and balance other hormones naturally.

= Leptin mediates long term regulation of energy balance and will suppress food intake there by inducing weight loss.


High Intensity Exercise can be incorporated in to your daily routine as easy as….

Walking to the shops

30 Seconds power walk 10 seconds recovery (repeat for duration of shop walk.

HIIT Training can involve

Body weight training

Band Work





Bar Work


Training with Partners.


Here at GM-Fitness We offer a varied Training Program which offers HIIT Sessions which focus on keeping your body Balanced, injury free and teaching you why exercise is important for everyone.


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Changing Those Negative Thoughts

Our Mind is a powerful Tool, often enough we can be trapped in our own prison with no way out, constantly battling with our known self disruptive thoughts.

We can be our own worst nightmare. gmfitness-logo-3

Listening to that voice inside our head that is constantly being negative and knocking us down.

How do we change that voice and escape the prison that we have put ourselves in to.

If we do not decide to change our thought pattern, then our thoughts will always remain the same.

Ways to Help you change your current thought pattern.

Start to become aware of the way you think and feel, be open to listening to your body when you know what triggers a bad negative thought, write that trigger down.

Try to always take walks during the day especially when the sun is shining to  boost those happy hormones. During the winter months when its dark wet and windy this can often lead to a feeling of darkness. To combat this schedule your walk into your diary regardless of the weather, it is important to break the negative routine that you are currently following.

Eat a balanced diet as a balanced diet has an effect on the way we feel.

Umming and ahhing here.. If you want to change, the first step to change must come from within you.

Surround yourself with positive people, people that have goals and ambitions, say good bye to the people drainers.

Book yourself in for weekly training sessions, Training equals endorphin’s= endorphin’s equal happy hormones, happy hormones equal a positive way of thinking. If you have an appointment you are less likely to cancel.

Set your self weekly smart goals, as humans we like to be constantly achieving goals, without personal achievements being set, we can often feel lost and low.

Drink plenty of water and green tea throughout the day, staying hydrated has positive effects on your bowel movements.

Laugh, Watch a funny movie, play a childish game, bake some cakes, Break your day to day routine and set out some out to have a good old giggle.


Here at GM-Fitness we are believers in stepping out of your comfort zone,

if you are not happy about something only you are responsible for changing it.


Coaching and training is available with family run GM-Fitness.

For more information.#Contact the team today. or follow us throughout December

I love Progression
Smart Goals= Progress









Changes In our thought Pattern lead to changes in our behaviour and Mood. Mel Myles GM-Fitness

What we Think affects how we act and Feel. ( Thoughts- Trigger Behaviour- Emotions)


What we do affects how we think and feel ( Behaviour)


What we feel affects what we think and do ( Emotions)


We have all come across those days where we wish we had thought first before acting on a simple impulse.

Those thoughts without thinking often lead us to where we wish we had not ended up.


A guy named Albert Ellis devised the ABC Model

Antecedents – Behaviour- Situations   The model was devised as a way to target problem thoughts and behaviours.



Antecedents are the triggers that often occur before you engage in an unhelpful habit.

( Thought, feelings, situations)


Behaviour is what tends to happen if we follow through with the bad habit.


Consequences are what happens afterwards. This could be the emotional/ physical/ social effect that our behaviour has had on our current situation.


Check out the example below


Antecedent                         Behaviour                              Consequences

I feel Anxious                     I have a Drink                       Calm effect from the alcohol

I feel worried                      I lash out                                Have said things that you regret

I Feel Lonely                       I  eat                                         Feel Better, Then Fed up.


In order for Change to take place we have to be aware that change needs to occur.


GM-Fitness discuss the stages of Change below.


1 Pre contemplative-  Unaware that there is a problem

2 Contemplative-  Aware that there is a problem and see there’s probably a need to change

3 Preparing – Made a decision or commitment to change, Taking steps needed for change to occur.

4 Action- Making modifications to ones life, temptation and chances of relapse are strong.

5 Maintenance-   After at least a year of successful change in behaviour, this stage hopefully has set you up for a new lifestyle.

6 Termination- the problem behaviour is no longer considered desirable to the client.

An example  years have passed since the client last had a food binge/ last drink they no longer have cravings or urges to engage in this behaviour.


RELAPSE ( to undesired behaviour can occur at any time during stages 4-6. This can however be used as a learning opportunity to strengthen current coping strategies and mechanisms in place to facilitate the change process.


Where do you find yourself on the above Change Cycle?

If you wish to make positive lifestyle changes, Please do contact Us here at GM-Fitness.